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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dominican Republic wants an end to food price speculation

Dominican Republic proposed that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and all the Central America Integration System Member States (SICA) sign a world pact against the speculation with food prices.

President Leonel Fernandez sent the proposal through Vice president Rafael Alburquerque in a missive to the UN Secretary General, the presidents of Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama and to the Prime minister of Belize, which sates the need for all countries to deal the international speculation with food prices.

“It’s an inhuman and cruel practice that is leading the nations to their destruction and death,” Alburquerque said on the speculation with oil and food prices, during the summit of Government and Heads of State pf the SICA countries, where the UN Secretary General also participated.

Alburquerque asked Ban Ki-moon to make the UN echo the situation and to actively take part, eradicating what he called an evil.

Source: Dominican Today

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